Friday, November 16, 2007

Private Conversations

My passion for photographing the human body drives my work and sometimes pushes the limits of what is offensive or shocking. My own sexual history in San Francisco has taught me about many types of sexuality and sensuality. These experiences have broadened my understanding of different sexual communities and the nuances of what is considered erotic.

Documenting the private and sometimes public acts of sex and masturbation captures the physical dialogue that occurs between the exhibitionist and the photographer as voyeur. This dialogue becomes a “conversation” between the subjects themselves and occasionally between the subject and myself.

By challenging the viewer to look beyond the obvious image and find the hidden dialogue, the “conversations” of sex come to define both the subject and myself as the photographer. The spontaneity between the subjects and myself reveals a hidden vulnerability and also evokes the very essence of their erotic nature. I believe that photography is the only medium, which can accurately portray this spontaneous glimpse into such private moments.

My goal is to shoot pictures that convey more than they might seem on the surface. By presenting such private acts in public, I hope to give you a sense of more than just the physical sex act and instead invite you to witness these private moments through the privacy of the camera lens.